Industrial plants

We design, build, operates and owns industrial biogas plants


Farm Plants

We design and sell biogas plants for

RåvaruhanteringRaw Materials/Bio Fertilizer

We take care of your bi-products and delivers high-quality fertilizer



We investigate, plan, design and support your biogas investment.

logo-symbol  Your Partner for Efficient biogas production

Swedish Biogas International AB owns and operates biogas plants and offers complete process and productions solutions for biogas.

Long-term commitment, credibility and professionalism are key to our success and permeates our everyday lives.

With more than 17 years experience from the entire value chain and a strong focus on co-digestion we secure Your investment in new and more effective biogas plants.


logo-symbol  Our Vision

Swedish Biogas International will, through knowledge and experience, be a leader in process technology and production of biogas. Hereby Swedish Biogas International will contribute to a sustainable society, both ecologically and economically.